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Apparently they have cast a teenage Renesmee for BD





Teenage Renesmee cast for ‘Breaking Dawn’??

February 22, 2011 Posted by Lindsay in Breaking Dawn, Taylor Lautner

Here’s some exciting news! It seems another Renesmee has been cast for Breaking Dawn. This time it’s full-grown teenage Renesmee. Read that as: the one that will probably be making out with Jacob… So Team Jacob/Taylor people, time to get jealous! If you want more spoiler-y details about the filming she’ll be doing, go here and read up! In the meantime, meet Christie Burke:

According to her representation, Performers Management Christie is 5′7, has hazel eyes, brown hair (though her pic totes look more auburn) and weighs 115lbs (plenty light enough for Jacob to spin her around in throws of adoration, etc).

What do you guys think about this







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a flash forward?i guess it sort of makes sense. if you haven't read the books and just saw the movies it would make the whole imprinting on a baby kind of creepy but with the flash forward it would sort of help make it less creepy.
That makes sense, but I hate to see something else added to the movie that is not in the book and lose scenes that are in the book and not see them in the movie. I just wish they would stick to the book. I'm afraid they will shorten the important scenes so they can put these scenes in. I really don't care to see Remesmee and Jacob together in the movie. You know that they do. I want to see Bella and Edward together. That is what the story is about. I say read the books if u haven't so that we who have can see the book come alive as we know it.
renesmee was the size of a 2 year old by the end of BD so i dont think this is true but if it is: >=[
Why do they need a teenage Nessie when these is not one in the BD books unless they are going past and making more into the movie then what is alread there. She isn't even a year old in BD books. DOES NOT MAKE SENSE
a teenage Renesme?! that doesn't make sense because she looks like a 3/5 year old by the end of Breaking Dawn. it wouldn't make sense to do that. that would be like adding to the book without permission. it's a stupid idea!


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