The Twilight Saga

help stop them in there tracks
this is no joke
put your name in a comment and i will add you to the list

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Amy Arjes-Maddox
No way we love twilight to much do not stop n our twilight
Fabiana Isabella Freyre
jessica! dont stop this website!!
jenni rogers
Denis Castillo
we need somewhere to ream and this is our dream world and i don't think we are hurting anyone by doing it plz n don't take our twilight and dreams and fantasy world away
omg, they shouldnt stop this website
I so totally agree it's awesome that we can get on here and enjoy the company of other fans and share our thoughts it's wrong for them to take it from us we should do a petition and make sure they don't do it and get every twilight fan we can to sign it that would be totally awesome to see how many true fan there really are.
They aren't stopping it.
Paula D.
dont stop this site why would they??????????????
Valentina---Don't stop the site, it's to good to be lost!


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