The Twilight Saga

help stop them in there tracks
this is no joke
put your name in a comment and i will add you to the list

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I know!!!!
sign me up!!
I am Faith B. there is no way or reason why they should stop the twilight website. that would be wrong on so many diffirent levels. this is is a place where twilighters like me can share our thoughts about edward and jacob and bella and anything to do with twilight. if they stopped the twilight website it would be like some one killing edward and thats just horrible. no one should ever stop the twilight site i just might have to die if they did.
do not stop the site! we need edward and jacob and i cant believe im saying this but, we even need bella and well we all just need this site. all of us are alike in one way, we all love and need the twilight with everyone else PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT STOP THE TWILIGHT SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once again Faith B.
Antonette Michelle
Rynee Claire
pl's don't stop the site it's great...
don't stop the site please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(
Jessica Lamar they should do away with any thing related to Twilight
Christina Siceloff please do not stop this site it is awesome for updates and fans.
no no no....they can't stop us..please please please i'm just new here...and i love to be be a real twilighter
Zuni. Plz dont stop the site! I've made so many friends from across the globe! And I have to talk to them everyday...

Plz don't stop the website


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