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i just have a question...on twitter is so many robert pattinson but is anyone of them the real rob??srry can`t write so good english coz i`m from romania anyway hope you all to understand me

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No Robert Pattinson doesnt have a Twitter he said himself that he doesnt have on only Peter Facinelli has a Twitter
you are right
no. On a documentary they said that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson didn't have any Twitter Facebook or anything like that because they didn't have time to go on all that stuff. And it's really true because in my magazine too it said the same thing.
nope. I follow Ashley Green and Peter Facinelli. When Ashley created her's Peter made a comment and gave the link so I feel certain it is really her. I wish Robert Pattinson would make one. Would be cool to get details directly from him.
thank`s for the answers...i`m kinda new here and don`t know so many things about the twilight acters...just lv edward:D
no robert pattinson doesn´t have a twitter account :)

but other twilight star´s have .. like gil birmingham , billy burke, ashley green, peter facinelli etc etc
do they really have?coz i also was thnking that rob has one but all of them are just fakes
gil birminghams & billy burkes account are verfied
and also peter facinelli but Ashley Green hasen`t a twitter account
ashley´s account is also veryfied

but if OfficialTL (taylor lautner) , justinchon , AnnaKendrick47 , iamedigathegi, THEREALCHASKE ,
TheAlexMeraz , RachelleLefevre , JayRathbone_ , are true or fakes - i don´t know
me too...i don`t know
Robert Pattinson does not have a twitter page.


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