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Hi! obssesed twilight fans!!! I'm new on this site and I can say that i feel like i am from another planet!!! So please help me to fit here!!!!!!!!

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i been on this site for like 3 months but i dont have that much time to get on with school and stuff now
but its really fun! as long as your a fan you will fit in haha
I'm a newbie too! I joined a couple of days ago, have no friends and am still finding my way around the site but have found everyone realy friendly
Welcome! And it's not hard to fit in, If you love Twilight your already family!! :)
ull never regrete join ing this site
., sure no prob... were like one big happy twilight saga family now..

i'm a newbie too think i have like 2 friend who i've never spoke to since they added me, any way nice to meet you n hope to chat soon
i am new here to
No prob have u finished all the books yet?
if i've finished them??!!! Course! i've read each one like 15 times!!!! I am a twilight fan from january 2009 but just couple days ago i've discovered the site so i'm not a newbie in twilight!!!!!!!!:D
ok welcome home.


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