The Twilight Saga

Hi! Just wanted to let you all know I finally finished the series and don't hate Jacob anymore. Oh and I wanted to say a little poll for you. Please just tell me which answer you choose and why. Thanks!


Which book was the best

1. Twilight
2. New Moon
3. Eclipse
4. Breaking Dawn

Here's what I vote

Breaking Dawn, because there's a lot more suspense and detail and I just adore Renesmee and Jacob. Woo!

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Breaking Dawn...

I watched to movies then read the books so I already new what was going on in the first three. I realize there was more to the books and I love them but Breaking Dawn was all new and it was exciting becasue it was new. I also loved that Bella finally became a Vampire. I loved reading about Bella and Edwards daughter Renesmee. Like you said too, the Jacob Renesmee thing was so cute!
My favorite is Breaking Dawn because I love how Edward and Bella are now married; I've been wanting that since, well, New Moon. Renesmee (God I love that name!) was a huge bonus, which led to Bella becoming a vampire! That to me was the best part, not to mention all the hilarious parts when Bella was still thinking, "I can't do that! I'm a human!" Haha. Oh, and all the Bella and Emmett moments; Emmett was always a funny one. I LOVE this book! In fact, I am reading it again!
BREAKING DAWN!!!!but also twilight cuz thats where it all started in new moon and eclipse there was alot of melodrama
Eclipse is my last for all the crazy drama as well
Breaking Dawn
then Twilght and Midnight Sun
then New Moon
and Eclipse is last on my list
Okay so far everyone has voted Breaking Dawn! WOOO! Go Breaking Dawn. Oh and I agree, Eclipse was too suspensful.
LOVE Breaking Dawn. But Eclipse wasn't too suspenseful.
Breaking dawn definately
Breaking Dawn , because in this book every bode becomes happy . Bella becomes a vampire. She and Edward get to keep their daughter . Jacob is happy and not in pain anymore , because he loves Rennesme (Nessie) and she loves him too. Charlie joins the secret vampire wolrd not really knowing the truth but he gets to keep his daughter too. The Cullens get to be safe from the Volturi trying to steal the gifted ones, and get to be together forever. and then twilight is my second favourite book , then Midnight , Eclipse and New Moon.
I say Twilight coz its d beginning of d saga n without twilight wer r d other sequels? :p
Breaking Dawn
I dont know i just love it!
Edward and Bella finally get married and have a child! Love Renesmee


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