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 All of my BFFs are team werewolf,and say Edward sucks. I'm starting to get a little mad,and decided to join this group. Please...give me some Edward love.

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I am totally Team Edward my best friend was Team Jacob but then switched over however were all adults and we still argue who's better. Keep your chin up and stay Team Edward just tell them that's awesome you like Jacob and let's leave it at that.

Wow, thanks!! :)))))))

I'm Team Edward and Team Bella

I'm not Team Bella,bcuz of wat she did in Eclipse. EW! 8(

Team Edward all the way ;)

High 5!! :)

Totally team Edward all the way and always will be.


I love Edward!

I'm on Team Edward, Team Jacob, and Team Bella. I don't discriminate.

Team Edward here and proud of it!!

Team Edward always and forever because I run with vampires. I know how you feel cause my cousin is team edward and we go back and forth at who's better. One could be that I said Jacob was a molester because he imprinted on Bella baby. She said Edward was the same cause he is old and loves Bella lol. That's one of the fights we be having. :) but just say that its okay that they feel that way about Jacob if they Eward suck because vampires lasts forever. (Until someone kills them.)


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