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 All of my BFFs are team werewolf,and say Edward sucks. I'm starting to get a little mad,and decided to join this group. Please...give me some Edward love.

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Team Edward all the way. Jacob is too rude, and Edwards hotter, nicer (idk if thats a word but anyways), and he's such a gentleman :)

I whole heartedly agree with you.

I agree too :)
Does anyway one else feel like there are sooo many Team Jacob people these days? Whenever I say I'm Team Edward, people think I'm really weird. Then I have to give a big explanation about my opinions on Book Edward and Movie Edward (most of them have only seen the movies, so I think they see it as Team Taylor vs Team Robert) and people probably think I'm even weirder.
It's frustrating!
I totally agree with you it's like when new moon came out and Taylor took his shirt off fans took one look at him and said oh I'm team Jacob now !

I've always and forever will be Team Edward ! : ) < 3

I do not think there is so many Team jacob people because Team Edward always wins.


But yes, the movies show another Jacob - his bad qualities are cut out. I think we see more Taylor than Jacob!

Yeah, I agree with what you said about movie Jacob. And I think the movies show a different Edward, too.

My best friend is Team J and I'm Team E but we both find common ground and have truce when I comes to each others team choices : )

team edward til the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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