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I just got done reading Host, which was an AMAZING book! I was wondering what other people have thought about it? Do you like Jared? Ian? Did you agree with the things that they said and did? I am just curious as to if Im the only one that LOVED this book! I really enjoy SM as an author and the Twilight books are my Favorite books by far! I loved that fact that it wasn't just the Twilight books that I enjoyed from her making her that much better in my eyes as an author!



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Yeah, and they didn't even show the tiniest bit of remorse to the fact that she was injured because of what Kyle did. I mean I understand when Wanda and Melanie first got to the caves and Maggie slapped them, but I hate the way they carry it on the way they do! It's just really annoying to listen to them hate her so much. I feel so bad for Wanda during the tribunal with them being so mean.
Me 2! I was almost in tears when Kyle tried to kill them. Then the way Wanda saved him... That should have proved it all right there!!!
I never read it.
You should. It's a great book. ;)
It is a great book Isabell! You should def read it Bianca!


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