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I always get a headache when I think about what Edward would have done if Bella didnt choose him but then I think who wouldnt choose Edward if they could?!

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I dont know. Then there's what he said in Eclipse. He would wait for her in the winds.


He would have been a bigger man then what Jacob was about it. It is crazy to even ask something like that. You could see from day one that Edward and Bella belonged together and will be glad when people quit trying to put her with jacob
I agree with u Carla. I wish people would quit putting Bella with Jacob. Edward would wait for her if she did choose Jacob because he knew he had not imprinted on anyone yet and that is stronger than anything else. So Edward would just swoop in and comfort her.
I agree 2 , He would accept it , and wait because I think he knows that Bella Belongs with  him  <3
He would have let her live her life, but he still would have been close enough to watch her if she ever needed his help. He will always love Bella no matter what happend. If i were Bella i would choose Edward. Hes hot.


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