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i didn't like her role in ECLIPSE after all. She's definitely a two timer. Errg. She made edward feeeeeel bad.

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yah same here... when i watch the movie and read the book still i want to kill her lol.. so flirt hhahaha
she's a two-timer girl! edward and jacob's supposed to be okayy w/o her!
Yeah me too. LOL
I sooooooooooooo hate Bella in Eclipse! Whats all this crap about...I love Edward, I love Jacob...but I love Edward more... !!!! How could she remember her favorite nights with Edward and then go ahead and kiss Jacob! God...!!!!! I get realy frustrated when I get to that part....!
Ohh crappp. She's totally sick. She love edward then she'll kiss jocaob.....nahhh
it was more intense while reading the book, i was crying and cursed her, calling her names and staff like that at the same time!!! too bad they left out of the movie the night where Bella was crying in Edward's arms after leaving Jacob for good and the next morning at Bella's bedroom where she finally told Edward that he is the one she couldn't live without
Yah that right i read the book .. and i dont know how many times lol... in eclipse book i like alice there.. where she said how much u do love me bella?

if u truely love me let me do ur wedding...

lol.. and the last part bella asking alice can i see ur dress..?

i like alice on eclipse book...
Yea. Arg, I dont know her thought. She love them both? how's that? nahh. she's insane. i feeeeelll sooo pity for edward when she kissed jacob. :(
i didn't like that either and i thought they put too much pale stuff on edward and made him a little creppy but still liked him bc he is edward
Haha. Whatever edward's color is, i do love him. and i hate bells
I soo hated Bella in Eclipse too, so much that i actually stopped reading it for a couple days! I was so frustrated with her that she would get ENGAGED to Edward and then be like, oh, well, i want to kiss jacob!...Seriously, what the heck?? And then when she left edward in the parking lot in the movie i actually cursed..and my parents were like..o_O I mean come on, really? Who is cruel enough to agree to marry someone, and then kiss some other guy...while the guy you are engaged to can see it happening!! Also the fact that she was still having second thoughts AFTER saying yes to Edward...made me want to kill bella right then and there. I felt so bad for the movie, it seems like Bella loves jacob more..which made me very annoyed..-_-


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