The Twilight Saga

i have to say he absolutly is the most cutest guy on the twilight movies then AFTER him is jacob

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I would put Edward before all of them !
no i think jasper goes after edward and THEN jacob. btw on SNL taylor lautner was the host 1 time and they had a twilight sketch and there were 2 girls and they had 2b lab partners and taylor launer ironicly enough was the girl who was team edward. he said that jacobs pecks were fake and then he said "well if those pecks r real the guy hoo played jacob deserves an oscar!' lol. i dont mind taylor lautner, it's JACOB that i dont like.
I love Edward not Robert. get it?
I know! I love Edward he is gorgeous! In his own special way that makes him even more Gorgeous.
Edward is number one then you got Emmet,Carlisile,Jasper, then Jacob


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