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Ok so when i decided i wanted to read twilight i did some research and read some reviews.. so when i read about some people claming they read the whole saga in a month, some in 2 weeks i was like " righhhhht!!!..lier!!!!!"..until i bought the books and started reading them..the first book took me 2 get to the point i read the whole saga in 9 days..less than 2 weeks, i just couldnt put them down..those days i wouldnt pick up the phone, go online or anything, i would go to bed at 3 am, am i the only one that got so obsessed the first time ??!!!!!... how about u guys, how long did it take u?

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i read all the books in 5 days! totally hooked from page 1!!!!!!! disappointed now though i want more! i;m reading them for the third time now
yeah I wish I had that much time. it took me 6 months to finish the saga. I finished in Dec. of this year. I was busy alot. But I loved reading the books.
three days on each book:}
Still reading. Just aint got the time :|
it took me about 10 days, although i was off work during my pregnancy with high blood pressure so i couldnt do anything but read so maybe thats cheatin! i read eclipse in 1 day
ok well first i got twilight and new moon for christmas in 2008 and i read them both in about two weeks. then i had to wait till my birthday in march (and this was torturouse to wait) to get eclipse and breaking dawn. i read eclipse in 2 and a half days and breaking dawn in a week.
i read all the saga books in about 4 and 3 quarters of a day,

i am a really fast reader and i still new what happened in them ALL,lol
It took me a week in half to read the saga. I have stayed up to six am reading. It is very hard to put these books down. I just read them over and over again. I am also married with two children. My husbad is also jealous but he will be alright. My kids like the movie Twilight.
I read all 4 books in a week.I have not a read a book in almost 10 yrs but i coouldnt put them down. I am 31 and im obssessed i will admit that go edward.
it took me aboutt 2 weeks....bbecause i never wanted to leave the book.I just wanted to finish it and see what had happened but that got ruined because my friend told me about the entire breaking dawn book!!.....but i read it anyway........twice=)
4 days for the whole saga..^^ ahahah
Oh Pamela I am so right there with you! I borrowed the first two books from the library on a Friday and by Monday morning at 3 a.m. I was done!! Physically craving the third book I searched every library in my state to no avail, but I wouldn't be stopped. I went to the bookstore and purchased one just so I could get my fix! LOL! I literally felt like an addict! I read that one in about a day and a half and purchased the final book. I didn't eat much, didn't talk on the phone, and really slacked off on my responsibilities! It's crazy but you are not alone!


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