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Ok so when i decided i wanted to read twilight i did some research and read some reviews.. so when i read about some people claming they read the whole saga in a month, some in 2 weeks i was like " righhhhht!!!..lier!!!!!"..until i bought the books and started reading them..the first book took me 2 get to the point i read the whole saga in 9 days..less than 2 weeks, i just couldnt put them down..those days i wouldnt pick up the phone, go online or anything, i would go to bed at 3 am, am i the only one that got so obsessed the first time ??!!!!!... how about u guys, how long did it take u?

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wow. i wish i had that time! haha. but my boyfriend would take to much of my time so it took me like a month! hahaha
lol!! that was the hard part for me to pull husband was out of the country so he would all me at all times of the day, i just kept lying telling him i was sleepy or that i was going out to get something to eat or that i was watching a movie with the baby..whatever..but he caught me, one day he told me to put the web cam and he notice i was looking down all the time and he was like " Oh my god, u r reading that stupid book, arent u?. thats why u've been so busy!"... but he has learned to respect my obsession and now he evens accept that im unconditionally and irrevocably in love with edward!... god im married and have a kid and im here daydreaming about a 17year old losing it!!!
You're not the only husband thinks Im mad too. I was reading Eclipse last night (for the 3rd time) and he asked "So is that the last book then?". When I told him no he shook his head and said "How many are there then?" I told him he'd have to ask Stephenie =0)
OMG.. we are definitely the same.. im also a mother of one and yes.. daydreaming.. nightdreaming..'n my husband is like so jealous .. keep nagging me to stop reading and come back to reality... finished reading all 4 books in less than a week.. finished twilight on a night.. havent got much sleep that week.. lol!
well nice to hear im not the only one losing it to a vampire .. a very handsome gorgeous vampire.. lol
Join the club! i am the mother of three and have been married for 18 years and my husband knows its twilight first then everything else. I work full time for the government, have two teenagers and an 8 year old and i am more obessed than my daughter who got me hooked. I told everyone that for Christmas i wanted all twilight stuff or gift cards to by twilight stuff. But anyway back to the question i have read all of the books in about two and half days i read really fast and i have reread them about 6 times. I have twilight movie days and then read, my boss gave me tickets to the movies so i could see New Moon again and again. I have seen it 5 times now so no none of us are crazy, we have a mission to support Stephaine and the Twilight stars.
Me too, a married working mother who is has been bitten by the Twilight bug. I was actually signed off of work, sick, so I brought the books to pass the time - and boy did they!! I read the whole saga in 2 weeks and am about to start them all over again. Planning to get my copy of New Moon on DVD on Monday too.x
Yes I understand where everyone is coming from. I first read them in Aug of 09 and in a month I've read the whole series about 3 to 5 times I lost count. And I haven't stopped since. I've had to go and buy another set. Now I have them on my phone and now it's a wrap. It's the best thing the Android market had ever done I haven't put my phone down. I'm a mother of three and they know they have to remind mommy to but her book down and make dinner. lol, my 4yr old tells me that she wants to read the books to so I read them with her and we watch the movies together. My 5yr old is tired of me reading them as her bedtime story.
im married with a daughter too! the first time i read it, it took me about 2 months, but i was reading hardly anything and having to make time to go and buy all the books, now im down to like 9 days on average, but I have read them in 4, but im a speed reader, and i have a good memory, so i skip the blah blah blahs i already know and get to the good parts!!!!
i took me like 3 weeks or less and I was forced to go to school so that cut back my time and Now my teachers tell me unless we have ssr leave the books at home so now I just read at home, its soo sad! but I first read new moon in like a day because we went on a class trip that was 3 hours away and we had a bus tour guide so we stayed on the bus and I sat in the back and read for 9 hours staight in my last semester of college, engineering, im taking the hardest subjects now but for like a week i sat in the back of all my classes just to read, i wouldnt even talk to my friends, and of course dont even ask me what the classes were about, my mind wasnt there!!
Haha, unfortantely i'm too in too gaining good grades, but more luckely i was having a holdiay when i first read the books.. i think i read eight books that holdiay. My friends where enjoying their lives when i was enjoying and fearing for Bellas llife and others x)
im suree i would have been donee quicker than a month but of coourse school AND CHORES AND WORK SIMPLY NO TIME BUT AT NITE :(
around 10 each night i would cuddle up in my bed with whatever book i was on for those few days and read till 2 or 3 each nitee
mind you i had school in the morning
when i wasnt reading a book i was thinking of the books
my mom actually took breaking dawn away from me
i could have cried
she just wanted to know if i was still my bubbly happy self while reading
overall excellent saga
loved it
still want moree though


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