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Hi.. I'm just curious how twilighter so so in love with these books and capable of read those books many times.. I personally read each book couple times and many people think I was too crazy that I could again and again read the same book although I already know exactly what's inside the book..

So, I need you guys to tell me how many times you have read:

Thanks guy.. ;)

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three times every one!!!
twilight- 2
new moon- 3
breaking dawn- 4
i read all once........
People saying “don’t read the books before watching every movie” Is it true, and why? Please give me your opinion. Thanx guys. I will be watching Eclipse tonight at 23h59 cant wait, it's going to be a looong day!!!!
Well, if you guys read the movie companion of the twilight saga then we'll understand better how the books will be interpreted different than the movie.. many stories, or image, or words need to be add to those movies.. After I read it, I could understand how hard it is.. but with the different director for each movie, I think it shows a lot of improvement, don't u think? They're more closer to the book, consider us the Twilighter would love to see the movie as closer as written in those books..
I usually read the books before watching..but still excited..because I loved to see how my imagination will be.. compared to those movie maker imagination..that's why I was able to watch Twilight saga movie many times, just to saw all details, what the actors said, how's their reaction, the costumes,music,etc.. =)
Oh !! super !!! I thinked I was crazy .................. Let's go, I'll start read twilight for the fourth time...
New moon- 2
Breaking dawn-8
Midnight sun (partial draft)-2
i hv read twilight 16 tyms
new moon 4 tyms
eclipse 3 tyms nd
breaking dawn i m reading 4 d 5th tym
Twilight 9 times. Newmoon 7 times. Eclipse 10 times. Breaking Dawn 14 tiimes. Midnight Sun (partial draft) 5 times
Oh I forgot I read The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner once.
Twilight = 0
New Moon = 1
Eclipse = 1
Breaking Dawn = 3


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