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Hi.. I'm just curious how twilighter so so in love with these books and capable of read those books many times.. I personally read each book couple times and many people think I was too crazy that I could again and again read the same book although I already know exactly what's inside the book..

So, I need you guys to tell me how many times you have read:

Thanks guy.. ;)

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TWILIGHT: 11 times
NEW MOON: 8 times
ECLIPSE: 12 times
started september of last year. i'm, pretty proud. learn something new every time :)
so do i. i love them so much!!!!!
ive read them at least 9 times each. i love the books so much.
Well, in my case..there's a time span before I read them again... but if you've done read 1 book (again), it'll make you can't wait to read the next...this story was totally AMAZING....
i have read them all about 15 times
I have read all the Twilight Saga books I believe seven times I am in the middle of Eclipse now. I love reading these books I don't see me not reading them anytime here soon. I will probably read them for a long time. I know I crazy but I just cant get enought of the Twilight Saga!!!
i know how u feel i am addicted to them
Me too..
I'm on my 5th re-read....always in order...Midnight Sun and Twilight first....have added Bree to the lineup...after New Moon...and have seen both movies aleast 4 going to see ECLIPSE tomorrow.....
I first bought the book Twilight in the beginning of November 2009. I was immediately hooked. I read all 4 books 4 times, went and bought the movie Twilight, re-read all 4 books again, saw New Moon, re-read the books again, bought the movie New Moon and then re-read all 4 books again then re-read Eclipse and Breaking 2 more times. So it would be 7 for Twilight and New Moon, and 8 for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I have read Midnight Sun (from what Stephenie Meyer has released on the website), 5 times, and I read the Short Second Life of Bree Tanner and the Graphic Novel once. This has been in less then 8 months. I just came home from seeing Eclipse.
I have read Twilight 12 times, New Moon 5 times, and eclips 20times, breaking dawn 25 times


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