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Hi.. I'm just curious how twilighter so so in love with these books and capable of read those books many times.. I personally read each book couple times and many people think I was too crazy that I could again and again read the same book although I already know exactly what's inside the book..

So, I need you guys to tell me how many times you have read:

Thanks guy.. ;)

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I so totally do the samething!!!
Yeah Pam..I still laugh every time I read the funny scene on each book, even though I've read it a couple times..
Ditto!! =)
I'm very stupid to do this, but i saw this first 2 movies and read Eclipse. Right now I am reading the 2nd part of Breaking Dawn. I was and still is very stupid of me to do this. I swear that i will read the first 2 books as soon as i get the money to buy them. I will be going to a church convo in about 3 weeks, i think. Well, i wanted to stop reading so I had something to do one the way there. I have to say this the hardest thing i have ever done. It is imbosible to spot reading this book!!! My sister cheated me, she told me of the imprinting of Jacob and Bella and Edward's child. I was very upset when she told me this because i wanted to find out myself. Help me please. I am not sure what to do.

P.S. Is Midnight Sun the book of Edwards point of view? Please let me know. Thank you. -Nicole (Team Edward) REALLY should of read Twilight and New Moon and then Eclipse...etc etc. Even though the movies are fun to watch they don't follow the stories too good and I think you are truly missing out on critical details of the story. Yes, they have a child and Jacob imprints on her, however there is A LOT more "drama" that happens than that. So don't be too upset. If you don't have the money to buy the books, maybe you could check them out at your local library? But no worries, it's a great story either way, and at least you have a logical point of view of the story through the movies. I would stop reading Breaking Dawn until you read the rest though, if I were you. I can't skip ahead like that.

Midnight Sun is Twilight from Edward's point of view. Unfortunately someone leaked out the rough draft before Stephenie Meyer could finish it. However, you can find the rough draft on her website! We're all hoping she finishes it, because it's absolutely beautiful. =)

I hope you read the other books soon! =) You won't regret it!
I've read each one so many times i have already lost count


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