The Twilight Saga

tell me how much you love Edward Cullen?

would you give up everything for him?

would you give up your life for him?

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Yes to both.
it is l' man of my dreams !

Yes any thing !

YES Absolutely !
I love Edward Cullen he is perfect in so many ways. Yes to both questions. Bella is the luckest person alive fictional or other wise. Edward is the best man ever and he could bite me anytime!!!!
I look at most of inwardly bella. I'm my own Edward Cullen looking.
id do anythin 4 him
more 4 rob
I will give everything to him-my life,my blood,my soul. lol
I also would have to say yes to both!! He is an amazing individual that is understanding, loyal, caring, and everything I would love in a man!! So, where to start my hunting!! LOL
i would give everything for him. He is man of my dream. I want Bella doesn't want him and I get him:) God I can't go to sleep if i haven't watch Edward Cullen pic.
Much as I love Edward, I wouldn't give up everything for any man. I did that once, never again. (live and learn)
I would give my life for the one I loved, however. So if that was Edward, then yes to that one.
Well, first of all I would have to tell you that I am in love with the fact of Edward because Edward is a character in a book. But if a man came along in my life and treated me like Edward treats Bella, there is nothing i would not do for that man including take a bullet that would end my life!!

i love edward cullen the most in the world even more then my self.........i can give my life even maths for him......when any one speaks about my edward my heart starts accelerating.... i m toooooooo obssesed wid him.... damn i love him so much...... of course i can give up my life 4 him.......everything
I love Edward Cullen.... It would be worth my soul to be able to live with him forever! He is perfect... He loves Bella unconditionally and thinks she is the best person he has found in 109 years. She is so lucky and I wish that love like Edward and Bella have could be a bit of reality. If someone found even close to the love the Edward and Bella have then they have found a gift from God!


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