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Hi everyone,

In a scale of 1 to 10 (10 the highest that exists) how obsess do you think you are about Twilight, and what has been the craziest thing you've done for Twilight?

Well, I consider myself very obsessed with Twilight, so I will give me a 10, and the craziest thing, well I guess it will be more impulsive actually, it will be buying the complete saga, not having the slightest idea of the movie or the books, and not knowing if I would like it or not, just because I saw some awards in May and they won all the awards were they had been nominated, Lucky for me I absolutely love all the books and can't wait to see them all in movies!!!!


Hola a todas,


En escala del 1 al 10 (10 es el mayor punteo que existe) ¿Qué tan obsesionada crees estar con Twilight, y que es lo más loco que has hecho por Twilight?


Bueno, you me considero muy obsesionada con Twilight, así que me doy un 10, y lo más loco que he hecho, creo que es más impulsivo, sería haber comprado la colección completa de Twilight, sin siquiera tener la más minima idea de la película o los libros, y no saber si me gustaría o no, solamente porque vi que habían ganado unos premios en Mayo y que ganaron todos los premios en los que estaban nominados, Por suerte, me encantaron todos los libros y no puedo esperar a verlos todos en las películas!!!!

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ill give myself a 10, and the craziest thing is i read the books in the car over and over again like at red lights and when i have to wait for people and tonight was crazy crazy crazy trying to get into see new moon, lol.
i say im an eleven :P
the crazyest thing is making all the characters out of clay and I read all the books 37 different times
I was going for 12! But since there's an 11 so be it lol
37 times!! WOW
that's funny
haha thats soo funny :)
37 :) gr8 !!!
Thats pretty sick
woah 37 times, thats awesome :)

w.o.w what a record.. wish i have enough time to read it again and again... i'm pretty sure you have already memorized all their lines :))

OMG I have done the same thing!!  Carrying the books with me everywhere I go...reading at red lights, waiting in fast food lines etc.!!   I have even pulled into a parking lot and parked and just read for 10 or 15 min cuz I couldn't wait to get home!!
I'm 10 too!

The craziest thing so far (beside reading the books more than once) i guess seeing myself on this site everyday! like i can't live a day without signing in i'm aiming a perfect attendance! hahaha....
I found a daily new routine, balancing my responsibilities at home and my past time addiction of Twilight feels so much good than before! Inspiration sort of, im not bored anymore now :-) and so much contented of staying in-house almost the whole week! anyway it's also winter here so am not anymore eager to go outside.
lol omg I totally understand u!!!!!!! i would also say a 10 being 11 n such were said and the craziest is being here 24/7 considerin i just join i leave my laptop on with this page as my homepage....hehe : )


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