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Hi everyone,

In a scale of 1 to 10 (10 the highest that exists) how obsess do you think you are about Twilight, and what has been the craziest thing you've done for Twilight?

Well, I consider myself very obsessed with Twilight, so I will give me a 10, and the craziest thing, well I guess it will be more impulsive actually, it will be buying the complete saga, not having the slightest idea of the movie or the books, and not knowing if I would like it or not, just because I saw some awards in May and they won all the awards were they had been nominated, Lucky for me I absolutely love all the books and can't wait to see them all in movies!!!!


Hola a todas,


En escala del 1 al 10 (10 es el mayor punteo que existe) ¿Qué tan obsesionada crees estar con Twilight, y que es lo más loco que has hecho por Twilight?


Bueno, you me considero muy obsesionada con Twilight, así que me doy un 10, y lo más loco que he hecho, creo que es más impulsivo, sería haber comprado la colección completa de Twilight, sin siquiera tener la más minima idea de la película o los libros, y no saber si me gustaría o no, solamente porque vi que habían ganado unos premios en Mayo y que ganaron todos los premios en los que estaban nominados, Por suerte, me encantaron todos los libros y no puedo esperar a verlos todos en las películas!!!!

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wow im glad im not the only grown woman that likes twilight.  at first i thought it was just me lol, i would give my self a 10 i buy all the twilight stuff but i have an excuse to being 30 and buying edward posters... my lil girl is 7 and her whole room is twilight she has all the dolls and i buy her anything that i can. her room is by far the coolest in the house, and she has the biggest crush on edward.

I have tons of twilight objects, I own all the books and all movies that r out.... I have a twilight queen size bed sheets and comforter set.So I would say well over a 10.....


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