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Hi everyone,

In a scale of 1 to 10 (10 the highest that exists) how obsess do you think you are about Twilight, and what has been the craziest thing you've done for Twilight?

Well, I consider myself very obsessed with Twilight, so I will give me a 10, and the craziest thing, well I guess it will be more impulsive actually, it will be buying the complete saga, not having the slightest idea of the movie or the books, and not knowing if I would like it or not, just because I saw some awards in May and they won all the awards were they had been nominated, Lucky for me I absolutely love all the books and can't wait to see them all in movies!!!!


Hola a todas,


En escala del 1 al 10 (10 es el mayor punteo que existe) ¿Qué tan obsesionada crees estar con Twilight, y que es lo más loco que has hecho por Twilight?


Bueno, you me considero muy obsesionada con Twilight, así que me doy un 10, y lo más loco que he hecho, creo que es más impulsivo, sería haber comprado la colección completa de Twilight, sin siquiera tener la más minima idea de la película o los libros, y no saber si me gustaría o no, solamente porque vi que habían ganado unos premios en Mayo y que ganaron todos los premios en los que estaban nominados, Por suerte, me encantaron todos los libros y no puedo esperar a verlos todos en las películas!!!!

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i say im total full makes as i think about it most of the day 7 days aweek
sorry to hear the lights went out Nessie, but have you tried to do watch it again?
i'm a 10 too!...i super love twilight!...the craziest thing i've done is i read the books over and over, so when my friends and i go to the school library, i always read twilight (our school library has twilight books!), they always bet on me not resisting to read it!. i say to them "i cant take it anymore!" then i grab the book and read a couple of pages. then when i get home, i read my own book, until i get scolded by my dad for not doing my chores!...i also watch the movies everytime i get bored! i also have the movie on my iPod...and my friends get super annoyed when i talk about twilight! (and btw i cried everytime they teased me about edward being ugly :((! and sometimes my friends and i argue about this!)

Totally relatable, I have a similar situation like you >/p>

My friends are mad at me for the same reason like you as well :(

yeah it sucks! they really could'nt really get my obession!...cause they never even read the books!


Lucky you, I wish they have Twilight books in my university library!
yeah! we begged them to buy the books, cause all the books are old and boring!...sometimes we're even allowed to use the books for our book report! :D

11! I LOVE TWILIGHT so much! Really, I keep re-reading it every single night, and its... god!

Dont tell me to explain how, since its from heart!

i am a 10.....MEGA love TWILIGHT.......

I'm just as obsessed as you are and I'd rate myself a 10 as well.  I rented Twilight first before I read the book but the movie left me wondering what was really going on.  I recieved the first two books, Twilight and New Moon, as birthday gifts from the Hubs and once I began reading Twilight I couldn't put it down but I had to be patient until I got home from work to finish the book.  My husband was scheduled to leave to work out of town so he bought Eclipse and The Second Short Life of Bree Tanner  - I was in heaven because I was reading about the other love of my life Edward Cullen and once I neared the end of Bree I understood the ending to Eclipse about why Edward said what he said to Jane.  If I had to pick my favorite movie right now it would be Eclipse and my favorite books are Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. 


In October, I saw the Twilight Saga Fire and Ice Candies and had to have a box but instead I bought four boxes and refuse to open a box - I guess you can say I'm keeping them as keepsakes.  I've read each book at least three times so far and now I'm rereading New Moon (finished Twilight las night).  I will have another Twilight weekend starting Friday night - I already got my arsenal of goodies so that I can enjoy watching the love of my life.  How crazy is that?

Yeah it happened the same to me reading Bree Tanner I understood Eclipse better. OME!!! I still have the Ice candies, I got one box as a present from a friend, because they don't sell those in my country, so I only ate like 10 and I still have them, I keep the box as one of my souvenirs :)  That's nice, hope you have a great time on your Twilight Weekend.
10 i have 20 posters all the movies and i stole my cousins id to get into eclipse with ma freinds and i stole the movie eclipse from online. sorry. : >


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