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Hi everyone,

In a scale of 1 to 10 (10 the highest that exists) how obsess do you think you are about Twilight, and what has been the craziest thing you've done for Twilight?

Well, I consider myself very obsessed with Twilight, so I will give me a 10, and the craziest thing, well I guess it will be more impulsive actually, it will be buying the complete saga, not having the slightest idea of the movie or the books, and not knowing if I would like it or not, just because I saw some awards in May and they won all the awards were they had been nominated, Lucky for me I absolutely love all the books and can't wait to see them all in movies!!!!


Hola a todas,


En escala del 1 al 10 (10 es el mayor punteo que existe) ¿Qué tan obsesionada crees estar con Twilight, y que es lo más loco que has hecho por Twilight?


Bueno, you me considero muy obsesionada con Twilight, así que me doy un 10, y lo más loco que he hecho, creo que es más impulsivo, sería haber comprado la colección completa de Twilight, sin siquiera tener la más minima idea de la película o los libros, y no saber si me gustaría o no, solamente porque vi que habían ganado unos premios en Mayo y que ganaron todos los premios en los que estaban nominados, Por suerte, me encantaron todos los libros y no puedo esperar a verlos todos en las películas!!!!

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I understand you is like an addiction, we have to come everyday, and I enjoy every minute I'm here.

I know! though this is my last year in uni, so I haven't been as often as I wish :(

1-10 well I guess since my son said I'm the Amy Winehouse of Twilight that makes me like an 11.

Then craziest thing I've done would be everything I've done that would be considered obsessing about Twilight. I think this video pretty much sums up all I've done. I've done like 90% of the things in this video.

Yes, I think that definetely shows my obsession, for example right now I should be studying I have a final today, and I haven't studying because I can't stop thinking in twilight, I honestly need to watch the movie!!!
i hope you do awesome good luck
i must be obsested cause i was all but 2
That video is so me, lol!! My obsession is a number so high it hasn't been invented yet!!!!!
I have done most of those things!!  My kids are right!!  I am obsessed!!
OMG...!!! I watched this video n each n every statement can be applied for me... I'm crazy for Twilight... I really envy Bella, coz she got Edward...
10 for me. i just sat in line on the floor of a theater for 3 hours so i could get a good seat tonite! i loved the movie! can't wait to sit in line for Eclipse!
I also give myself a 10 (:
The craziest thing: Besides that i read at least one chapter of The Twilight Saga everyday, that i have a group with some friends where we call each other names form The Twilight Saga. I'm Edward and the others are: James, Jacob and Bella (:
It's really crazy, how obsessed i am ! (:

"I'm not obsessed, i'm just Robsessed!" (:

Love Robert Pattinson ! <3<3
i'm deff. a 10..
it isall i talk about!!! i have gotten on everyone's nerves because i talk about it so much!!! right now im fixing to go read the books for the second time!!! i just love it. i wish life could really be like that. the movies are the best movies i have seen yet. i use to love titanic but now my movie is twilight and now new moon. and they are my favorite books.. i thnk my family will get me stuff with twilight for christmas!!


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