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how would u react if u saw Edward & Bella, in the flesh, im talking real vampires!!!?? :):)

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I would probably go into shock and froze and not breath... They might stop, and think i'm an idiot... but hey at least I got their attention. heheh
If I don't faint, I'd walk up to them, take 1000 pictures of them, tell one of them to bite me, if they don't agree, I'd put some sort of C.I.A tracking device on them so I'd know where they're going and where they live. I think I'll break into they're house and take billions of pictures of them like the altomate vampire paparatzi.
I would run to Edward arms, and say: oh Edward im dying, and the only way for to leave is if you could get in my pants right here right now lol.
I would kiss edward! then faint! or maybe i would melt!!!! lol
Id probebly stare at them and start hyperventilating, and then maybe scream and then stop breathing, and then faint and then hopefully Edward would bit me lol.......... but before i could pass out i would probebly go hug Edward and then kiss him......then i would be like ok im ready to faint!
Run to them and ask my million questions about them. Of course I will be a little bit scared about the vampire thing, but if it's Edward, I really, really don't care. I would pretend that I can see the past and I would tell them what I "saw" in their past. I would make them think that I can expose their secret (about the vampire thing). Edward would probably read my mind, but he would also know that there is nothing he can do about what I already know. I would tell them things like quotes taken from their private conversations, "Technically, I can't ever sleep with you" for example, or something from Bella's and Jacob's conversations, like "You're sor of beautiful" or "You can do better than this, Bella". Or something from Bella's thoughts, something like "And then we will have all night..." (4 book, before Charlie came to visit Bella when she was a few days old vampire). This would be awsome.
that i s the best idea that is so awesome very clever
well .. i'll be freakid out
I'd want to be bitten so I could become a vampire too but seeing as how they only drink blood from animals they would refuse me and then i wouldhave a cardiac arrest and die


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