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The past few weeks I have been feeling especially sad about the whole Midnight Sun incident. I feel bad for Stephenie because her privacy was violated. I feel bad for her fans (me being one of her greatest) because they now want the book more than ever. I feel especially bad for whoever leaked it because if anyone finds out who that person is he is going to be in huuuge trouble. Anyway I was trying to find ANYTHING recent about Midnight Sun, yet everything was from 2008/2009. ugh. Well today I was looking and I found this link:




I don't know how everyone else interpreted it, but when Stephenie said that she was putting Midnight Sun "on hold indefinitly" I took that as "Here is the partial draft, the guy who did this to me is a jerk, I am very upset about this and I won't be finishing the book (or won't be picking it up again for 5-10 years)"


Well this interview was posted on June 30, 2010! That was only 7 monthes ago! Stephenie says that it's tiring writing about vampires anymore. She said it's like "homework" writing the "Official Illustrated Guide" but she will eventually be getting back to it (Midnight Sun). She also said that she wants to be able to just pick up where she left off and the only thing is that people will be saying things like "This is better than the other... This is worse... It is different because....etc." And that it kind of exposes the editing process.


Although Stephenie is busy doing other project right now, it just made my day that she WILL be picking Midnight Sun back up eventually. Please comment and tell me how you interpreted her response "on hold indefinitly" and how this news made you feel!

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I Felt Sorry For Her That Someone Would Do That.. But I Guess It's Her Choice If She Does Continue Midnight Sun. I Paticularly Enjoyed It but I Think She Should Continue Because Loads of Fans are Asking For It, I Guess We All Are. :)
I was gutted when I read that it was on hold indefinitely. I have read the partial draft and I can see that there is a great book waiting to be finished. Fingers crossed that she decides to finish it in the near future.

I just take indefinitly as for right now. She has to be so busy with all that's going on. I myself think that all of the responses and maybe things perceived as negative right now may have helped, in a way, her to see that there are so many of us who would LOVE to see this project come to fruition. So all that's happened will have a definate, positive impact on her future considerations of finishing Midnight Sun. Edward's version is the one I truly want to read. Such a great idea. Stephanie is amazing and she'll get around to it. Can't blame her for being a tad bit upset and put off right now though. I  know, from being around a while, that good things are worth waiting for. Everything Twilight, for whatever reason, is just so addicting. I digest every thing I can. Enjoying reading the chapters of the story written about Alice and the Cullens 6 years later. I have so much respect for those with an imagination.  


I hate to be the barer of Bad News  but indefinitely means forever so Midnight Sun has been put on hold forever.....You cant really interpret the meaning of something that is already defined and clear cut. You can not break down those words and turn them into something else they are exactly what they say they are.... Stephenie Myers is truly crushed about the novel being leaked out because it was leaked out by someone that was close to Steph's inner circle of friends! I dont blame her for being upset and not finishin She is not doing this to punish us twilight fans she is just very upset and hurt.... As for Midnight Sun i dont think we will b seeing that for a long time,Patience is a Virtue good things come to those who wait...   ;]
Sorry I should mention the one responsible for the story I mentioned, After Sunset by KCLaurila, not a Stephanie Meyers project but worth reading. I enjoyed it a lot.
I feel the exact same way. I'm one of her biggest fans too.


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