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That's the link to the prt1 trailer!!!! I'm on my cell phone so sorry I couldn't post the actually video but OMG I replayed this video like 500 times!!!!! I'm soo excited.!

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No I just looked at it again. Try typing this in the YouTube search space: Omega Tlr 57x320
Yep and be aware they are pulling them right now because the link was leaked so if you happen to go watch it that's why.
yeah that's true.
yep the video is down.
Yeah but others are posting on youtube and youtbue is deleting them all. It will air officially anyway tonight at the MTV awards show.
I saw it already but I'm totally waiting til tonight.
Sorry guys. I didn't know it was leaked. Some how I can still see it on my phone but yea it airs tonight.
I have too. Its great! Cant wait!!!!
It's a great trailer! I have great hopes for this movie after seeing it. Thank God they put some efforts into Bella's hair this time. It was HORRID in ECLIPSE!!! And OMG the way Edward broke that headboard....Oh YES....
I agree her hair drives me crazy in all the movies I just want to put it behind her ears or up.
It was good in the first one, alright in the second one...but it was painful in the third! Arrrrgg!
well, you have to remember that it was a wig....


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