The Twilight Saga

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wow i love this new moon trailer
Oh! My! Goodness! That looks so good!! I love Twilight for what it is a decent movie. However I think that This Movie Will Surpass Everyone's Expectations!!! I am so excited that I got my Tickets !!!!!!
'm with you.... can't wait ^o^
I love it!!!
i loved this too!!!i can't wait for the movie!!!this is gonna to be awesome!!!
i cant wait for this movie catherine raised the bar but chris has leaped over it this movie is going to be so good and from what i have seen he has stayed really close to the book apart from when edward and i think its felix get into a bit of a rumble that doesnt happen in the book but it makes good viewing for sum not me its bad enough what jane does to him now the other vampires toch him up poor edward
Lovin the new moon new trailer,makes me go crazy for the movie when it comes out!
This new moon trailor is so frekin awesome! But i think it's only good for people who have read the books. For the people who just watch the movies, it just gave the entire thing away! But it still rocks!


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