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in new-moon when edward left and she went mad ,i though she was crazy.i was just thinking get real please and move on.stop wasting your time and be with jocob who loves you .


so i just wanted to say sorry for not understanding because now i know how it feels.i have had my heart broken today,realy badly by someone who told me that they loved me and now  said they had feelings for someone else.i know that it not the same and that edward and bella were soul-mates but i can now say that i feel 1/4 of her pain.




so bella im sorry and i feel you pain.i dont like it.

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I'm sorry you are going through a bad time right now. But just remember that your soul mate is out there. You may have to go through a couple of people to find him but don't give up. You are hurting now but stand up and show him that you are better than that and you can move on just as easily as he can. Of course it's not easy but it will be.
i'm really sorry to hear that

Im sorry you ever had to endure such pain. Heartache is the worse feeling in the world. I never wish it upon anyone. I've been in love with my ex-boyfriend for the past three years and he has a girlfriend now. He says he loves her and she loves him. Its hard. I cant lie and say the pain will go away when you find someone else, but I can tell you as time goes on, the pain will lessen. I'm truly sorry you had to feel this kind of pain though. 

I'm going to share my experience with you.  I got engaged in 2000 and two months prior to my wedding, my fiance walked out of my life with no explanation.  We were also in the last session or our marriage counseling class when it all happened.  My heart was shattered in a million and half pieces, which to say, was very devistating for me.  I was embarrassed but I had to keep my chin up and go on with my life.  In 2005 we found one another again, I didn't say anything negative to him because we were best friends and I just wanted my best friend back.  In 2006, he asked me to marry him and I said yes - I was scared out of my mind but I had to trust God to lead my way.  If you haven't forgiven the one who's hurt you - do it so that you can heal better.  My advice to you is to move on but never say anything bad about the person who broke up with you because you never know when you'll see one another again.  Keep your head up - yes, it's going to hurt for a while but you'll eventually heal from that hurt.  Love hurts but it also heals and there's another waiting patiently for you to walk his way.


P.S. - You have Edward to love so love him tenderly and wholeheartedly. :-)

i am sorry 2 hear that..m sure u wl get out of this soon..jst wntd 2 add 1 thing aftr all these replies..js b brave and endure the pain b4 stepping in2 anthr relationship..pain is nt an everlasting phenomenon UNLIKE LUV !!! tc

thanks everyone for supporting me through this difficult time and thanks to all the books in the worl because you have helped me a lot.

i don't think i will ever let my self fall hard again because i have being there and i kno what's it like .

Please don't say that you won't let yourself fall hard again. Don't let one person ruin things for you. There will be others, as cliche as that sounds. Don't build up walls around your heart, simply because one person couldn't see how special you are. If is his loss. Remember, "If you love someone, let them go. If they come back, it was meant to be." Just because they can't see it, doesn't mean that they won't figure it out later. I'm not saying you should wait forever for them. Just don't swear off everything and everyone because one person hurt you. Take some time to get over this one, as much time as you need, and then slowly get back into things. I speak from experience. Building up walls only makes things harder. Having walls up around your heart may mean you miss the one that was meant for you.
Im sorry you are going through that. I know how it feels too, but my boyfriend and I got back together and we are very happy together. I hope everything works out for you.
I'm sorry to hear that.

I'm sorry you are going through a hard time right now. I know that probably doesn't help, but we are all here for you, whether we know you in RL or not. I'm sure we have all gone through something like that before, and we can sympathize. It sucks, it breaks your heart. Personally, I want to make it all better, and I haven't even met you. 


I think that might be one of the MANY reasons why these Twilight books and movies speak to so many out there. We can all identify with them in one way or another. Maybe not with the vampire and shape-shifter parts, but the love and love-lost parts. And it is sites like these and bring people together and it helps to talk. If anyone needs anything, I'm a great listener. And I tend to forget things, so secrets are safe with me. ;-) I promise. 


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