The Twilight Saga

bree tanner maybe 5th.........but i heard theres ganna be another..........kinda weird

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no, there is gonna be another book. but its not really a book book though. its the official twilight saga guide. its gonna have like a bunch of short stories and real information about the real quileute tribe and maps and pics and stuff. its supposed to come out on december 31. pretty cool huh :D im really excited lol
I don't think Kristen was trying to be rude, TEAM 3DWARD17. I looked at this and automatically thought Midnight Sun, too. True, she may not be talking about Midnight Sun, but Kristen wasn't trying to be mean. I think she was just trying to help. So please don't go lashing out at people when there is no reason to. As you said before, "Thanks." (No sarcasm intended)
it would be great there would be another book after breaking dawn!!!!!!! with the jacob and nessie story and what happens with bella when she doesn't see her parents anymore... it would be the best stephenie decision!!!!!!
is it true???


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