The Twilight Saga


My thoughts:

It was so great!!

I love the action, The Bella-Edward-Jacob scenes, especially in the tent
that Jacob told Edward that "I'm hotter than you."

Plus Edward and Bella kissing while Jacob is there looking and at the
scene! I was like, "Whoa!"

Then Bella and Jacob kissed!! I was like "Enough! Edward's looking." I
don't know if Edward were looking at them.

A bit funny scene [for me] that Bella told Charlie she's a virgin.
Because they talked about something.

Then the action was great, I liked the fight.

It was better than New Moon. =)

Tell me your story/experience.

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Thanks for sharing your comments with us, I like it even though i haven't see the movie, i hope to see it on weekend
you're welcome. =)
:( i haven't seen it yet, the worst is that i don't know when i'm gona see it & i've already lost my patience...........i'm freaking out............... ⌠ò„ó⌡

i wanna know 2 when the DVD comes out..........PLZ if anyone knows.tell me .........i'm definitly desperate!!!!!!!!!
I enjoyed seeing it earlier this morning. I agree it was the best so far. I loved the sex talk, tent, the bedroom the night before the fight and the fight scenes. I didn't like the scene where Jacob's at the school and Bella leaves with him; it made Edward look so bad about trying to keep her safe from Victoria.
OMIGOD when i saw that part on the mtv awards i was screaming and crying and cursing everything and repeatedly screaming “THAT WAS NOT IN THE BOOK!!!!”but my cuzins thought my breakdowns were funny and i also thought i acted funny so im prepared for that cant wait to c it =]
yes! im happy they didn't linger too long on the scenes with jacob and bella...i don't like it lol
i feel it was way better than new moon. probably cuz edwards back lol but still. and i agree Rob did a excellent job as Edward. i loved the beginning in the meadow and again at the end in the meadow - too sweet. <3 it's funny cuz when he proposed i heard so many ppl catch their breath, give a low whistle, or gasp when they saw the ring. my eyes was so dang pretty. i had seen a pic b4 but its different on the big screne. (loved the proposal scene too of course.) o and the sex talk had me laughing hard! xD i agree tho sometimes i felt like they made edward look like the bad guy even tho he's not. but at least n the tent scene everyone saw more into his thoughts and he really ...whats the word....well u can tell how much he loved her and how much of a man he was so wsnt a "bad" guy after all.
the funniest scene deff had to be when jake told edward that he was hotter than him the whole theatre was laughing the whole tent scene was the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i got to go see it at 12:00 am and i also go to see twilight and nm which i really didnt need to see twilight cuz well i can litteraly quote twilight in my sleep no joke it scares my friends to death!
Robert Pattinson nailed it! He was awesome. He is the PERFECT Edward! I LOVED the proposal scene!!! My favorite part!!!!!!!!!!
same here! omg. i love the ring. =)
i do that too!!!! same reaction from my husband like your brother.... so i prefer to watch the movies alone!!!
I like when Jacob say "I kiss Bella",,his face look so guilty.when Edward say the best night he have and he call Bella Mrs Cullen,,,,
I'm going to see Eclipse again for the 2nd time tonight,and I will watch carefully for gets my fav part,cus it's verry different w/ the book


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