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After reading Twilight I read the books that were mentioned in the books, all except the Merchant of Venice. When I read Wuthering Heights I cried like crazy when it came to the part about how much she loved Heathcliff. Its the exact part that Bella told Edward how much she loved him. I could barley read it from crying so much.

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After reading Wuthering Heights you should watch the movie. I haven't read the book but I have seen the movie a couple of times very passionate.
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Yeah, it was. It was an intense moment wasn't it.
I liked the movie of wuthering heights as well ... and the book.  But I think Kathy is really selfish.  If she really loved Heathcliff that much she would not have cared about her social status and married him.  But the story is really good,  I really feel sorry for Heathcliffe most of it but he gets very vengeful.  The actors in the movie are really good.
I thought she was selfish too she should have just been with him

i read the book and i loved it!!! i did have to read it a few times to truly understand and feel for the characters though. i'm not really used to reading that style of writing, and it probably didnt help that i read an original copy the first time lol

i just watched the movie today but it didnt like it as much. the actors were great but the movie left out a lot of my favorite scenes :(


i tried to read wuthering hiegh but i just dont get it. i realy wanna  read coz it sounds like a good book so if u can get help would be perfect. what i dont get is who pinot of view is it from?

at the beginning its from Mr. Lockwood's point of view. but by like the third chapter it switches to the maid's point of view and she is telling the story from when she was younger. then at the very very end of the book it goes back to Mr. Lockwood's. i got really confused at that part too!


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