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I was reading through some of the discussions here and I read about people HATING Jaocb, but then not giving a very good reason. So my question is why do you hate Jaocb? He is apart of Bella and if you love Bella then shouldn't you love Jacob because you love Edward which means you should love Bella. (I hope that makes since) I just don't understand. Jacob is apart of Bella and eventually Edwards lives and family. I understand the whole this is Bella and Edward story but there wouldn't be much of a story if Jacob wasn't envolved. I just want you opinions on this matter. I don't hate Jacob and I LOVE Edward!


Thank You for replying!


XO Edward XO Jacob XO


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I don't hate Jacob, but I did not like the way he handled things.  I love Edward too ;) 


Jacob was immature, playing "games", not handling things the right way.  Like tricking Bella to kiss him.... forcing himself to kiss her where she punches him..... calling Edward a bloodsucker when she told him not to call him that.... among others.  :)  I don't hate him but he isn't my favorite either.  Hope you understand what I mean :)

I do... Thank you... That makes since.. I would def have to agree with you too... Jacob irritates me because he is so immature at times... but he is younger than Bella to begin with... Edward has had hundreds of years to mature.



no problem Xo :)  yeah he is such a child, but he is a boy in man's body :)  pretty much like any of those out here in real world LOL


have a good day!!!  :)

I do. It's exactly why I don't like him.
I don't hate jacob by no means. Yes I am an Edward lover too. More then like what a lot of it is that Jacob was an arrogan jerk in new moon, eclipse and in the beginning before esse is born in BD. I may be wrong but I think that is alot of it. There is also people that do there best to rewrite the story so that bella is with jacob. The Edward fans are also probable tired of it. also do not like the way he handled the whole bella and eward. edward is giving bella what she wants but jacob can't let things go. He was very immature in how he handle things and he was suppose to be the better person

Hey Girlie!!! I personally love Bella and Jacob stories! LOL! What do you mean you don't like the way he handled the Bella and Edward thing? He is immature but like I said he is younger than Bella to begin with! Why do you say he was a jerk in NM, Eclipse, and Beggining of BD?


Thank You!

Yes he is very immature. Think about how he tricked her into kissing him in Eclipse and he kissed wether she wanted in the same movie. he was trying to come between soulmates and didn't care if he hurt bella or not. in bd when she danced with him at her wedding and asking questions that he shouldn't. In New Moon all he cared about was keeping bella there in Forks for himself. She told him that Edward was all she wanted and he didn't care. Sure that might be a few good jacob/bella stories but personally i don't. anyone could see from day one that bella and edward were soulmates. she didn't care that he was a vampire. when they got back in new moon at the end when edward/bella stopped at the forest so that he could see her and was arrogant because bella told him that she wants edward and thats that. sure he was younger but he still acted like a immature jerk for trying to come between soulmates. He didn't care if he hurt bella or even edward by showing him what happened when he left. that was being immature. sorry but it is how i feel about him. i sometimes felt sorry for him but he also knew that he had not imprinted on bella so he knew that she was not hes true love

Well, Jacob ...he tried to ruin stable relationship between two lovers. Not a good thing. Yeah, he believed it was for Bellas sake. In the end of day he proves he has a good heart. So I can't exactly say   I hate him but he obviously gets on my nerves in Eclipse.
i feel the same ...i hope i get an answer 2 it ...i commented on ur blog post also
I responded to my blog for you! Thanks!!
I am EXACTLY the same way... I am Team Edward!! But I love the fun-loving friend that he is to Bella!
me too. I luvv edward, but Jacobs not bad at all.


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