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I was reading through some of the discussions here and I read about people HATING Jaocb, but then not giving a very good reason. So my question is why do you hate Jaocb? He is apart of Bella and if you love Bella then shouldn't you love Jacob because you love Edward which means you should love Bella. (I hope that makes since) I just don't understand. Jacob is apart of Bella and eventually Edwards lives and family. I understand the whole this is Bella and Edward story but there wouldn't be much of a story if Jacob wasn't envolved. I just want you opinions on this matter. I don't hate Jacob and I LOVE Edward!


Thank You for replying!


XO Edward XO Jacob XO


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Not to stray off topic here, but...wouldn't it be Jacobians. With Jacobinians you're adding a random "in" into it.


Sorry. XD I totally agree with what you wrote, though. The movies, I feel, are kind of ruined now because they're too busy promoting Jacob's body. The lines in Eclipse were over-the-top for me. Jacob's "Face it. I am hotter than you." was fine, because his body temperature is it felt like something he'd say, lol. But Edward's "Doesn't he own a shirt?" line... It was clear exactly why that was thrown in. And I honestly don't think Edward would feel that self-conscious. It didn't work for me.


Edit: You know what? Re-reading, I think this whole post is off topic. LOL

That's cool. Don't mind me, then. :D
It is all good.. I like to no what ppl think! I would have to agree with you though... Edward wouldn't care that Jacob is shirtless in the book... He is more sophisticated in that since... I thought the movies potrayed Edward bad... He isn't the same character as he is in the books!
It's okay I totally agree.

Well, I think people can dislike Jacob even if he is a part of Bella's life -- he's his own individual character with his own traits and characteristics that people just might not be fond of. (It's like saying people who love Emmett but hate Rosalie shouldn't hate Rosalie because she's a part of Emmett. And that doesn't make sense. They're two different people with completely different personalities.)


However, I, for one, do not hate Jacob Black. Loyal, strong, funny... He's a good person. But, like Toni, he's not my favorite either. In New Moon he was an amazing friend; then, when things started not going perfectly his way, he started being arrogant and selfish, and he deliberately manipulated and hurt others (like Bella and Edward). What made that worse, for me, is that he never seemed to learn! He is young and immature, and he made mistakes, like everybody, but he didn't acknowledge them or feel guilty for them. He continued to act as if he knew everybody enough to ignore their opinions and choices, and there's no excuse for that. The only time I felt he really grew in this series is when he broke away from Sam's pack, looking beyond the prejudice that clouded his mind about the Cullens. Even though he hated them, he still realized and acknowledged that he might've been wrong about them and they were innocent, and he fought for that. Times like that Jacob's old, sweet self would show up again and I'd love him, but then it'll be gone as quickly as it came... Like I said, I don't hate Jacob. But most of the time I really can't stand the way the boy acts. 

I didn't look at it that way... Thank you! I guess I one of the reasons I don't hate Jacob is because he is so much part of Bella's life... He was such a good friend in NM that it was when I fell for him... I will always be Team Edward!! I can see your point on how he deliberately manipulated and hurt others... I can see your point on how he didn't feel guilty for doing the things he did... but he does get better by the end of the book when he imprintes on Nessie... He helps save there lives and I think he grew up a TON when he broke away from Sam.. He didn't want to be there but Bella wanted him there... He will always be her Best Man!
Yes, that he certainly will be. He went through a lot for her. :]
I don't hate Jacob I just prefer Edward. I just bond more with Edward being as he is older and more sophisticated. He knows what it means to love and what it takes to be loved.
I totally agree with you.. I love the Bella and Edward Love story! Edward loves SO big and so much and it is so refreshing to read it over and over again!

I think the reason why so many people hate him is because i guess hes always in the way of there relationship.

Reason 1> Bella wants to become a vampire but if she does that will break the  treatie and they have to kill her and cullens\\

Reason 2>Jacob Kissed Bella and knew she wasnt going to pick him anyway\\ 

Reason 3> Jacob is always saying what she can or cant do but always want her to be apart of him to be his woman

ex: Jacob says why dont you date someone human , someone thats not fictional, but in that saying hes saying he wants her to pick him.

These are just reasons from some of my friends i LIKE him i dont love him hes irratating UGHH 

You have to consider, you are on team switzerland, which makes you most likely to feel that way. They don't have a reason, because it's a natural choice of being a full time Team Edward fan. I am on Team Edward [all the way!], but I don't really hate Jacob. He's just very irritating, picking and busting through Bella and Edward's relationship. I agree there wouldn't be much of a story without Jacob, and that's why Stephenie Meyer put him in that position. I just can't be on both teams, though. He's trying to break their relationship apart. It's just silly and bothering me that he would reveal that he has feelings for Bella right when she has a romantic and phenomenal relationship with Edward. I don't hate Jacob, but I don't like or even love him. It's complicated on what I feel and think about him...
i totally agree


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