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I was reading through some of the discussions here and I read about people HATING Jaocb, but then not giving a very good reason. So my question is why do you hate Jaocb? He is apart of Bella and if you love Bella then shouldn't you love Jacob because you love Edward which means you should love Bella. (I hope that makes since) I just don't understand. Jacob is apart of Bella and eventually Edwards lives and family. I understand the whole this is Bella and Edward story but there wouldn't be much of a story if Jacob wasn't envolved. I just want you opinions on this matter. I don't hate Jacob and I LOVE Edward!


Thank You for replying!


XO Edward XO Jacob XO


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You put it better than I was able to. I don't hate jacob he is just arrogant to a point and i do not like what he tries to do.

i know I like the Before jacob he was so kind hearted and cute in a humerous way but then he turrn all i hate vampz and called them out there names. I like Jacob but i dont like his personality. its like he doesnt care about no1 but himself and renessme . UGGGHHHH im mad now he just me so irratated.

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You bring up a great point! That could very well be why I don't fully understand because I am on Team Switzerland! Thank you for sharing!!

Team switz is awesome go bella 

Team edward is awesome go edward



i totally agree!! Jacob was immature at some(ok a lot) of times through the series but he was only trying to make bella realize that she loved him. he knew it the whole time and so did she. Bella just didnt want to admit it because of Edward. in new moon she quits thinking about Edward wen she is with jake cuz she LOVES HIM. and they end up being family anyway so wats the point in hating Jacob? if u hate jacob then that would mean u also hate Edward, Bella the rest of the wolves and the cullen clan because they all end up being family anyway. (i hope that made sence!!!!(: lolz)

Do you know such term as homewrecker?

To ruin anothers relationships is not innocent or sweet thing.





By the way, if you would read New Moon, you would notice that Bella thinks about Edward all the time. All her actions - biking, hiking, cliff-diving- are because of him. Even before almost-kiss with Jacob she can't stop herself from thinking about Edward.

yes bella did start seeing jacob as family in new moon but when she needed to save edward he was being selfish. I don't hat him at all. Sure he loved bella but he was not in love with her. If he had been in love with her then things would have been completely different cause he would have imprinted on her. Yes they all did end up a family but what jacob did in eclipse was wrong. he could have went about it defferently. At the same time she loved jacob as part of the family not as a husband. He tried to come in between two soulmates and didn't care how he did it. At least Edward would have let her go with out all the fuss that Jacob put up. He also knew that he would wait in the wings for her cause edward knew that they belonged together. Jacob couldn't accept that until BD. He was very arrogant at times and yes immature but could have still handle it like a true gentlmen would have and more then likely how his mom would have wanted him too even though he was younger

It made total sense and I TOTALLY AGREE!!! That is kind of my point... and why I dont' understand ppl hating on him!



I think Bella was right not to admit it, because she knew, no matter how much she loved Jacob, that it would never be as much as she loved Edward. She could admit to loving Jacob, just like he wanted, but it wouldn't have changed anything; rather, it would just bring more pain. Bella understood this while Jacob didn't get it, and part of the reason he didn't get it is because he didn't want to listen, he didn't want to hear it. He was being arrogant. A lot of Jacob's pain, I'm sorry to say, he brought on himself. If he loved her as much as he gushed that he did, all that would matter is her happiness. She was happy with Edward, why would he want to ruin that for her? Or at least why didn't he even think about her feelings, her reasoning for her choices, instead of automatically assuming things for her? Purposely ruining his best friend's relationship, and without even knowing their full story, is so very wrong to a lot of people... 


Of course, that was only part of his reasoning (the part most others, like myself, are angry about). But the other part of it, why he never gave up, is because he didn't want her to die. He knew she would be turned into a vampire, and he was going to desperately fight to save her life. That part I understand and can't blame him for. He was desperate, and desperation makes one foolish.


So, in my opinion, there are two sides to Jacob's reasoning for his actions -- the annoying side, and the side that's overshadowed by the annoying side.

i get it

Its just one big melting pot 

I AM TOTALLY TEAM EDWARD. Some have not understood some of my responsed on here but you are right about him being a jerk at times and only wanting bella for him and to heck with anyone else or what she wanted


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