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I was reading through some of the discussions here and I read about people HATING Jaocb, but then not giving a very good reason. So my question is why do you hate Jaocb? He is apart of Bella and if you love Bella then shouldn't you love Jacob because you love Edward which means you should love Bella. (I hope that makes since) I just don't understand. Jacob is apart of Bella and eventually Edwards lives and family. I understand the whole this is Bella and Edward story but there wouldn't be much of a story if Jacob wasn't envolved. I just want you opinions on this matter. I don't hate Jacob and I LOVE Edward!


Thank You for replying!


XO Edward XO Jacob XO


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Before, when I was not yet an active member of this site. I used to hate Jacob or loath maybe. why? Because he made things pretty complicated for the two(Edward and Bella). I was like "If he didn't butt in in the two. things wouldn't be so hard for Bella and it would go straight to the Happy Ending part." and he kiss Bella and he even threatened Edward! argh! those were the things that I hated about Jake. but upon being an active member of this site, I understood Jake's side. I listened to what all the Team Jacob says and read Jacobs POV in Breaking Dawn from a Friendly Fan side and I realized that we have the same situation. (except for being the wolf part.) I know how hard it is to love and yet you can't be love back the way you wanted it to be and now I'm sort of 75%Team Edward and 25% Team Jacob! lol.
i dont't HATE jake. i don't think he should be with bella either. edwards right 4 her :)
i think what happens is that some are so fascinated and love jacob so much that they forget that edward and bella are soulmates

Yep, sometimes people get to overly facinated in the world of Jacob (which I don't find intresting) and forget that it's Edward and Bella's story. Like I said before in this discussion, Jacob is a part of the story, a big part leading them. But, (to me) he's just not as intresting as I hoped. I know I sound like I envy Jacob, but I don't. Even though I am 100%/ Infinity on Edward. Jacob's okay.

P.S- It's so great to speak to people who understand the world of Twilight. :D

well i  don't really hate jacob but i just don't care for the way he treat's bella she love's him but in a best friend way not like the love she feels for edward and jacob don't want to understand that he is alway's trying to push bella into some thing she don't want and a nother thing he is always calling edward & the rest of his family blood suckers knowing that it hurts bella when he calls them that it's like he don't care about bella's feeling's at all and then he forces himself on her i whould have punched him to so yeah just so you know i don't hate jacob but he is so not my favorite i perfer edward over jacob any day of the week. :)

go team edward !!! :)

I hate Jacob and Taylor because i believe that he isnt just a kid crushing on his 'neighbor'/ kiddie playmate he is effectively trying to break them up and take Edward's place any boy who does that in a book, movie or real life automatically makes my hit list for being an ass and the fact that he imprints on nessie is just WRONG!!!!Any I've met Taylor at a comic con with my friend and he was totally up himself, such a prick and he totally blew uss off not cool, so that is why i hate him.
Everyone does forget that it is a edward and bella story. one of my other problems with jacob and taylor is cause like Nat said he was doing everything he could to break up edward and bella instead of supporting them like a true friend would. as for taylor, when i heard about him having a fit about his trailer not being in vancover when he arrived. he went off on the company that was building it to his request. he was a jerk. i am sorry that people think that the edward fans hate jacob but it is more of the fact that he tried to break up a couple that are soul mates. it's not so much that it is hate but more dislike. hate is a strong word. just remember that edward and bella are soulmates and was never meant to be broken up and jake didn't care and he tried for selfish reasons. yes bella loves jake but not in love. you can love a person without being in love. jake didn't care that she only loved him but wasn't in love with him. a very big difference.


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