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I was thinking : What if Edward was not a vampire. Would he ever realize that Bella was the one for him? His soul mate.

If Edward was not a vampire, would he ever realise that Bella was the one for him? His soul mate. And would Bella see him the was she saw him when he was vampire, or would she dismiss him as any other human. Think about it guys. Edward would be born in the same era as Bella. He would be different. 

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edward wouldnt realize it because the only thing that got him interested in bella is because he found out that he cant read her thoughts. but bella would obviously still love him because he is totally hot!!! :))
They are soulmates so on that basis they would have found eachother I think. The dynamics of their relationship would be different though.
you said my thoughts on this=)
They would have still found each other do to the fact that they are soulmates
I think it would still have the same outcome if both of them was human.
We would never know because Edward would not be the same person he is if he was not a vampire. He would a completely different person. So we would never know.
If I wasn't so busy writng three books that are about to be published, I would take a stab at writing a story like that
one book is called the Volturi Diaries. It is from a daughters point of being stuck and trying to get away from it. the first one is about a young girl that is the daughter of two vampires. She is different. She has to choose between a guy that has been mentally abusing her and a guy that she hasn't seeen in a few yrs. the third is going to be about three vampires that get pregnant by their vampire husbands but have normal babies. The first one I am going to put some names on here for people to tell me what title would make them intersted in buying the book. Going to make my own web site and will have prologue of two of the books on it along with a little bit more info
Thats cool...


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