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I have read the partial draft of Midnigt Sun 3 times and love it.  I then wondered what it would be like if they were done that way.  It would be good to know what he was thinking when he was breaking up with Bella in New Moon and when he was off hunting Victoria. What do you guys think

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me 2 have read the book and wants her 2 finish the book
Same here.
Oh, yes!! I would love for her to finish Midnight Sun - I'm trying my best to be patient. I'd also love to know more of what Edward is thinking throughout all the books. All the times he has to leave her to hunt, what he's thinking all the times she's sleeping, on the honeymoon, what are is thoughts as he is forced to change her, what he thinks of Renesmee before Bella meets her and even after. There's not much written about what Edward thinks of Remesemee and then of her and Jacob. You just know that Edward is thinking three times as much as he says.
Yes, I would like to see all the books from Edward's pov. He is a more dynamic narrator than Bella, and has much more insight into the story. Also, he is not always with Bella, as you point out. So yes, after having read Bella's agony in NM, I think it would be satisfying to read that time from Edward's pov and to realize that he was just as devastated, and torn all the time with wanting to go back to her but trying to do what he believed was the right thing. This would also offer an opportunity to explore Edward's past a bit--what makes him so firmly believe in souls, damnation, etc? His views seem much stricter than even Carlisle's, who you would expect to think as Edward does, having been raised by a minister.

It just feels like there's a lot to explore with Edward.
I would love to see all the books done from Edward's perspective too. I was really surprised by how different Twilight and Midnight Sun were. I loved Midnight Sun and I hope that Stephanie decides to finish it soon. I guess it is too much to hope that she will ever write the other books from Edward's pov but I wish that she would.
yeah, she's already said in interviews that she couldn't even contemplate NM from Edward's pov because it would be just too dark and depressed. But a girl can dream!
yes i have read it too,and i would love to see what he was thinking when in bd bella was about to die cause of renesmee.....................jacob thinks that edward is crazy at that time i'd love to see in his brain......................
stephenie is an amazing author........................edward is always overthinking every single thing so sm has a lot to write about....................................
I agree, Christina! He is such an overthinker!! You can see a glimpse of that in Midnight Sun! BD would be really great from his pov too! From finding out she's pregnant to worrying constantly over whether she is going to make it to the birth. You know he's having some crazy thoughts!
yeah like when he asks jacob to......have a baby with bella!!!!!!!!!!isn't that crazy????????
SM said it herself she wrote about 300 pages and wasn't even halfway through yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i have read the partial draft and only then i realised how mush obsessed was edward with bella...
before i couldn't get it right bella is constantly doubting about herself and edwards loyalty............
it was hard but when i read it i just couldn't speak for like an hour.............he was always near her even at charlie's backyard!!!!!!!!!he is so scared all the time because of what he feels and he is afraid to touch her cause he might hurt i can say is wow............
and how about eclipse when he leaves and bella kisses jake...edward says sth really........i don't know how to describe you remember that part???????????
yah, it would be great to see the whole story from the edward perspective... i'm with you!!
me to i think that this is a good idea. in breaking dawn it has bella pov and jacobs pov.
I was just telling my sister that, SM is writing Midnight Sun from Edward pov it only makes sense to do all of them through his eyes. SM has a gift and I absolutly appriciate her books as a little get away from reality.


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