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I have read the partial draft of Midnigt Sun 3 times and love it.  I then wondered what it would be like if they were done that way.  It would be good to know what he was thinking when he was breaking up with Bella in New Moon and when he was off hunting Victoria. What do you guys think

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I really want her to write all of the books from his persective, though if she does finish Midnight Sun I will settle for just that
I would love to hear his perspective on things too! I also love Midnight Sun! I loved all the insight it gave you to Edward, as well as all the Cullens! I know she couldn't write them all in the point of view of the Cullens, but I would LOVE to hear his side of New Moon and the break-up, as well as all the other Cullens. Probably won't happen, unless it's a fan fic, but I guess we can always wish for Stephenie to help us out!
if she wants to write well 100 books for the twilight saga...........i don't mind...i would always ask for MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i don't know about you guys,but i want it SO badly...................`
omg omg omg! i was totally thinking that too! yes i agree :)
yes its wonderful to know what he thinks and his feelings.
me too! I read the first part of Midnight Sun and loved it! I would definately love to read all the books from his point of view.
That would be amazing if she did that. But all of her fans are practicly begging her to finish midnight sun. So thats highly unlikely. = (


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