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If Breaking Dawn is rated "R'' and it comes out in 2012 how many people will ba able to legally see it?

in other words, how many people will be 18 before the movie comes out???!!!

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noooo i wont! ill be 16 *sobs* but it will probs only be a 15... right????????
...sooooooooo unfair!!!!!!!!!!
i will be 16 so im! dont tell my mom!!
I'm able to see it now. You only have to be 17
ugggg im not old enough but i dont think it will be rated r
breaking dawn is rated R? HELL YA! oh and you have to be 17 to see an R rated movie

can you say sexy beach scene? cant wait :)
OMG I definitely hope they keep the beach scene because i LOVED that part in the book, I love when bella goes "what was i supposed to wear? not a bathing suit, obviously." lol
I am legally by 20 years!
if it comes out in 2012, then it depends on the date, but hopefully i'll be able to see it. i'm really hoping for a pg-13 rating though because my parents might not let me see a rated r movie even if i am 18. i won't have to do much explaining of the details in the book if it's pg-13 so i'm really hoping for it! i hope it's amazing!
i won't be able to see it legally :(
not a problem!
meeee,,,for sure ..i'll be 34 so i'm sure to make the age but it won't be like the movie will be empty ..i mean there are still alot of us [Twilight fans ] out there...


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