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If Breaking Dawn is rated "R'' and it comes out in 2012 how many people will ba able to legally see it?

in other words, how many people will be 18 before the movie comes out???!!!

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meeeeeee lol i'll be 23 by then actually
me wow i will i think i would still see it even if i was under the age limit
i wi nt id only b 16 but id go anyway coz im 14 now and ppl think im 17 s how old do u think id look now
I will be 17 , but I can go with adults Lol

i won't but i am allowed to see rated r anyways i'll be 14
wouldn't it be awkward to see this with adults though
i will only be 17 by then how sad=( cannot watch~ *sobs*
puff i won't i'll be like 17 or 16 ):
it depends on the month though
Rated R means restricted
Also ill be 15:(.But I will see it one way or another!
I hope I will! I'm turning 16 in just a few days so that shouldn't have to be a problem :p. 18 right on time!
not me wich sucks bc i was rly looking foward to seening renesmee


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