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If Breaking Dawn is rated "R'' and it comes out in 2012 how many people will ba able to legally see it?

in other words, how many people will be 18 before the movie comes out???!!!

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if it comes out in 2012 then me =)
me, since i'm already more than twice that
i will sneak it
I think I can't because 2012 is the end of the world. LOL
ah, yes, but not until Dec something
and BD would surely be a November release at the latest? So it could be the last movie you see before the end ( :
LOL yeah! The last movie in my life and also the end of the saga. What a happy ending?
i will not be able to see it i will be 14 then that will suck
To tell you the truth, how many parents have taken their kids to see R rated movies before? I know my mother took me to movies when I was not 18 yet that I would not been able to get in without her. Just have faith that your parents love the movie as much as you do or they realize you have an addiction that needs to be tamed or deal with the craziness. I sure you will get to go see it =)

Good Luck and Vampire Speed to you!!

I am 33 so no worries about me getting in!!
I will! and it comes out in 2011
I won't get to. I'll only be 15. (mad face)
i cant :'''(
if my mom came w me yes but my dad will not allow me im 14


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