The Twilight Saga

If Breaking Dawn is rated "R'' and it comes out in 2012 how many people will ba able to legally see it?

in other words, how many people will be 18 before the movie comes out???!!!

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i will............
i'm 27yrs old by then, so definitely i would be able to see the movie.
ill be 21 so im fine
i wll be 19 years old
i am 32 now so I will be good to go.
i'll be 22 by then! =)
Same here :)
I wont but someone will take me and I dont think it will be rated R
i will lol
ill be 20 so i would to see the movie
I will, I am in my 30s.
Me!!! I'll be 22 so no problem with Rated R


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