The Twilight Saga

If there is enough people who comment i will try to get kristen stewert to join on the twilight saga

i know kristen stewert and i am sure some people of fans of her and i am sure that you guys will also say how did i meet her then be friends with her if i told  well it is a long story and if i told u alot of people will start to do the same thing to try to be friends with her. but if u really BADLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY want to know friend me and i will tell u thats only if u have the one thing that u need before i tell you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE COMMENTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT IFFFFFFFFFFFFF UUUUUUUUUU WANT HER ON THE TWILIGHT SAGA

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just comment anything u want it doesnt not have to be like yes
LOL...yeah surrrre!!!! I'm sorry but that's lame. She's to private to throw herself into a site like this. A real friend wouldn't be pimping her friendship to gain friends on a website either. You don't seem to be a very good friend. Not that it matter's because your post is most likely the work of fiction anyway. I'm not trying to be rude but I don't like the feeling of someone peeing on my leg and trying to convince me it's just the rain.
"peeing on my leg and trying to convince me it's the rain."

Yeah well, I was going to say something about blowing smoke up my a**, but some of these posters are young, and "yankin my chain" just didn't have the kick of sarcasm I was looking for. I TRY to keep it PG-13 most of the time, LOL!!!.
..."I don't like the feeling of someone peeing on my leg and trying to convince me it's just the rain"

I love it - u r hilarious :-)
Thnx...did you see her super secret Friend's axcess only addy. It's the same company that carries Tayler Lautner's only his is ..
Taylor Lautner
9601 Wilshire Blvd 3rd floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

It's in my daughter's BOP magazine. But hey if anyone is interested in sending Rob a snail mail here one of his...

Robert Pattinson
c/o Summit Entertainment
1630 Stewart Street. Suite 120
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Rob and I like this.....II
That's great..
kewl! how'd you know this stuff? plz, no one call me stupid if the answer is obvious. nothing mean plz. bi bi!
"peeing on my lef and trying to convince me its just the rain" Funniest thing Iv heard in a while... It def got its point across... Im with you though... You arn't a true friend if your trying to "pimp" her out like she is trying to do. Im not trying to be rude but if your truely friends with Kristen Rachael then you would no that she just wants to be as private as she can be. She is human and just wants to live her life. Malissa... funny funny funny!!!
I totally agree!
That really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would kill to be her friend .


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