The Twilight Saga

If u had a girl or boy what character in the twilight book would u name them?

My chose would be bella and edward for my kids names let me know who u would pic!!!

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isabella or rose for a girl
edward or jasper for a boy
Same I would name a girl Rose, Alice or Bella
Boy Emmet!
A boy would be (no question) Edward.
I would use the middle name of Esme for a girl and I already had Edward as a middle name for a boy.
i like bella and jacob....even though i love edward it just might not fit this generation as much
My stepson is Jacob, my brother in law is Edward, my mother in law is Marie (hummm, weird) My cousin's name is Charlie ( ia have an uncle named Charles also), an aunt named Mary, my uncles name is James, My dad's name is Anthony. I know an Alice (2 actually).. Dang...that IS weird!!!!!
i would pick carlisle for a boy its really nice and for a girl i'd have bella or esme
does my new puppy count as ive only had her three weeks her name is bella
LOL My friend's daughter named her dog Twilight.
I like Esme and Leah for girl.Seth and Jasper for boy


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