The Twilight Saga

if u were married to edward, how will ur life be?? here are some examples to what im talking about-

etc etc etc...
so i hope u know where im getting at...pretty much ur surroundings in life with edward...oh and if u DONT want a life with edward, then pick another twilight character like-
so please comment cuz im just curious on your opinion!!:D

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I would have as many kids as I could although I could probably only have one!
They would totally be vegetarian!
I would live in a really really really big house!
In Forks Washington!
I would live near my family!
Mostly, I would really just try to have a life just like Bella!
hahaha yah same here!!!
me 2
agreed... although traveling would be pretty cool too with all the unlimited funds he has haha
me 2 ! :)
I would proberbly have two kids,be a vegetarian,live in forks in his awesome house and live with his awesome family:)
i would live with him wherever he wants..
i would have just one kid.. if any..
i would want him to teach me to learn the piano.. and well, everything else that he knows..
i would be staring at him the whole time..
and i would hang out with his lovely family especially Alice..
and.... i could probably go on for ever.. when you have the perfect vampire you can do a LOT of things :)
it wud be difficult to change for edward kids i can live without i cn change my diet it doesnt matter as long as am with the one i love i can learn to live in places were i never raelly see the sun and he would be all i want coz i would be hapi with him.then again am crazy about this guy
I will have two kids, one girl and one boy, we were vegetarian, we live in a house like the cullen´s in the middle of the forrest of course in Forks. Travel to the places that he has been, be a regular family of vampires¡¡¡¡¡
I'd definitely have edward! :D

I wouldn't have kids as i'm not a having kids kind of girl. (although renesme is so sweet!) I'd be a vegetarian, live in a huge house (like the one in the film) I'd live wherever my family were cos i like to be close to my family :)
I'd probably go for the one kid (One like Renesmee)
Vegetarian of course ! I could never drik human blood
A Big-ish house
I'd live in Forks, so Washington is the state
The Cullen's will be my family :D

Yeah so thats it ... :D
yes i would have kids
totally vegetarian
really big house with a view
somewhere in the country where we can run around and be active but somewhere beautiful
i would live near fam. escpecially by the cullens who would be my family


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