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if u were married to edward, how will ur life be?? here are some examples to what im talking about-

etc etc etc...
so i hope u know where im getting at...pretty much ur surroundings in life with edward...oh and if u DONT want a life with edward, then pick another twilight character like-
so please comment cuz im just curious on your opinion!!:D

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I agree I'd live the same as Bella but totally use the money to take advantage of traveling the world. Of course take advantage of the privacy in mine and Edwards stone cottage to worships eachothers bodies 24 hours a day and let the family watch the kids. Can I get an AMEN!
i probably wouldnt have kids lived not too soon necuz i wouldnt have gotten pregnant you see

i would adopt in like the next 50 year
i probably live in france in the country side riviera
big house
family yes of course
i would also ak Carlile to turn my family ,ay parents and sister and bro in to vamps if they want to
wow...very intersting....
i would so love a life with edward i would probaly adoted or something have a house we both like probaly musical instuments everwhere and everything would be him and me

If i was married to Edward.


I would have one kid.


Be a vegetarian.


make love to him alot.


live in a house in Forks and by the cullens.


And love him forever.



Married 2 Edward Anthony Masen Cullen

Last Name  Cullen

Kids 1

Kids name Boy Edward Jr Girl Elizabeth

Live in a cottage in forks washington

vegatarian vampire

Shield as a power

Aston Vanquish as a Car

Live with Edward family

Love edward as much as possible for the rest of mii life


Just a life like bella Im so jealous

I'd want to be Edward, I wouldn't mind a child, as long as it was worth it. A vegetarian (vampire wise) would be fine, I like animals, but I would have to hunt them. I also very much like Forks, Washington, although it may not be as warm as I like it, but sometimes, I like it cold :P There's really nothing else I want then to be with Edward for eternity. It makes me glad that I'm younger than the rest of the twi-hearts. They all have boyfriends and husbands, I don't. I'll be with Edward :)

that'd be the wonderful moment in my life when he says "I do"

We'd be honeymoonig anywhere as long as it's me and Edward and I would tell him that I love him so many times and when it come's to kids I should say it'd be twins and yeah, the diet is Vege and I would hunt with my Edward and we'd live in a place that feels comfortable and homely and we'd have lots of work to do at night *Blushes* and we'd stay at a place where's there's little sun so the place can change depending on time and the cullens are our family with the wolf pack and ofcourse some human relatives but they pass away right?..*Sighs*  But our life would be forever and I would give anything to make that one day never die no matter how long it stretches and day and night is our time!.Edward..

u naughty girl!!!!!

i do hope u get Edward in your life dear:)

*Laughs* I guess I am little!.



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