The Twilight Saga

if u've to rate the books of twilight saga,then how r u going to put the books???

well i know all the books deserve to be at #1 but still,in which order they'll be in ur "novel rack" MINE'LL BE

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4.breaking dawn
New Moon
Twilight/Midnight Sun (I read them together)
Breaking Dawn
me too.i also read it together.its so great to know twilight in edwards perspective,m sure MS'll be more interesting than twilight,thanks to edward hearing abilities.can't wait!!!!: )
1. Twilight
2. Midnight Sun
3. New Moon
4. Breaking Dawn
5. Eclipse
1. Midnight Sun
2. Twilight/Eclipse
3. Breaking Dawn
4. New Moon
1. Midnight Sun (I 'm dying to read it) :(
2. Twilight
3. Breaking Dawn
4. Eclipse
5. New Moon
(*sigh*) what can we do,we r helpless,we can just prey for its sooner completion: )
twilight 8

new moon 8

eclipse 9

breaking dawn 10
and midnight sun????
WHY??? are u waiting for its official release????


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