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If You have a chance to ask Robert Pattinson a question, What will you ask?

I really wish to know ^^

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I would ask if I could take a picture with him and if I could touch his hair!
I also want to know what his favorite television show is, but the hair question would come first! :D
I would ask him if he enjoys Kristen Stewart!!!
Oooh. Hee hee. I might ask him something "deep" such as his philosophy on life or what he thinks about whether there is a God or an afterlife or something. I would probably also wonder what his political views are, stuff like that. I'm a dork!
Any interesting questions? As in, those that you never ever thought that you will ask it. Maybe like "Do you bathe?" ...
I am sure he bathes... at least I hope so! lol. But I get what you mean. Mundane questions such as what do you eat for breakfast could be fun too. :)
What is the one thing you admire about yourself ad want other to know?
hmm...I would ask him about his veiws on life, something like that that we could spend hours talking about. His autograph, of course...
Yea and then I would ask him if he would marry me..LOL
Well, besides what most people have mentioned (mainly the political views etc.) Why does he think having a beard makes him look good? *laughs* (I know others probably strongly disagree with me). Personally I would rather Robert looked a bit more like Edward, you know clean shaven and smart.
I agree with you on the beard issue :)
Yep, respectfully disagreeing with you......I like him with the fuz, ya know couple days worth.
for his autograph an if he will marry me looool
id ask for either his e-mail, his mobile number or adress :P
either of wich you can get the others if you got the one :P xx


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