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If You have a chance to ask Robert Pattinson a question, What will you ask?

I really wish to know ^^

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No, offense, but that kind of sounds stalkerish.
Will you marry me???? The only question that matters LOL
As a member of Team Edward, I was so jealous for Edward, when Jacob started moving in on his girl.
So my question is, As the actor who played Edward, where you jealous for him too? or wear you just relieved that the pressure is now more off you and on to Taylor?
My question would be:

How well do you compare yourself with the character of Edward Cullen in real life? and Why did you choose to play him in the first place? Emmett Cullen in Breaking Twilight
I dont think i'd ask him a question per say except tell him to stay true to himself. Not to let all the crazy a** stalkers fans get to him. I don't care about his datin habits not my business, dont care if smoke or drinks or covorts with women. After he is a man and 23 and I remember how it was at that age. I wouldnt want someone tellin me what to do still dont.


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