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if you read the twilight books first ,then do you feel more love for the edward in the book than the one in the movie

well i do,i mean rob is mega hot{sorry cnt deny that} and yh i love him but because i read the books first. i feel like i love edward in books more coz i understand him and,he don't get angry and he not condrolling freak, thats how the movie shows him, not the books right?????????????

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erm..rob fans before you wanna kill me ,im not blaming him coz he makes a good edward but scrip writer makes look like too controlling especilly in eclipse .OKAY!!!
i totally agree with u....hez the edward of the book is much more cooler n better than him........the eclipse movie is more than different from the novel......i liked the novel more.........novel is better than the movie.........i'm with u
I feel the same way. I never got into the Twilight thing like everyone else did. After watching New Moon with a friend and I was hooked but it wasn't until after I read the books did I fall in love with Edward and the Twilight Saga.
yeah, you are right, i feel the same way, edward is better in the book than the movie, they show him in a different way, "cause they have to transforma little bit the history
This is very true. He is a lot different in the books than he is in the movies. Don't get me wrong.. I still love him in the movies, but the Edward in the books is what I'm looking for. <3
you all my best friends i never will not meet.i would truely trade all of my friends for ya.they all obbssed withi think he is name is demon from the vampire diares{we all love vampires}wierd right?
I totally agree with you. I love book Edward even though Robert Pattinson is soooooo hot. i just watch the movies to put a face and the scenery to the book. It's like there is a movie in my head all the time. lol
I read the books before I even knew there was a movie coming out. So I fell in love with Edward in the books, and after that there is just no beating the original (especially when they change Edward's character a little bit for the movies).
yup i so get what u mean
OMG I liked the movies but I didn't truly understand the whole thing and felt like it was missing alot of things. So a friend of mine encouraged me to read. Glad I did because omg... so much more information or details were in the book.

I fell in love with the character Bella, Edward, the Cullens (except for Rosalie, not my biggest fan) and Seth. Edward is this wonderful, gentle man who wants to protect her woman at all costs. Always thinking about HER own happiness not his.

The movies does make Edward seem like abusive (I have heard that term from others and it bothers me) and controlling, in which he isn't. I understand that the script writer had hard time figuring out how to make him this or that....

I just prefer Edward from the books, but don't get me wrong. I think Robert plays Edward beautifully just like I think Kristen plays Bella perfectly! :)
I agree... I love the Edward in the books... It shows a more loving side and caring side and only wanting whats best for Bella side... In the movies he seems controlling and overbearing... I think Rob is HOT! so points to the movie but the books potray Edward better and when I think of him I think of the book Edward not the movie Edward!
I like the book Edward best. It has nothing to do with Rob. I love Rob, and not just because of his Edward role. So my feelings on this have nothing to do with him.

The reason I like the book Edward better is because the writing in the books is better than the writing in the movies. We get to know Edward in the books, and we get to understand his motives and the depth of his character and his feelings for Bella. I think Rob really tries to bring some of that across in the movies, but let's face it--he's not really given the material to work with. Melissa Rosenberg--the screenwriter for the movies--really doesn't have an appreciation for or an understanding of the depth of Edward's character in the books. So when she writes the film adaptations, Edward is written as a one-note character and not at all what he is in the books. In my opinion.


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