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if you read the twilight books first ,then do you feel more love for the edward in the book than the one in the movie

well i do,i mean rob is mega hot{sorry cnt deny that} and yh i love him but because i read the books first. i feel like i love edward in books more coz i understand him and,he don't get angry and he not condrolling freak, thats how the movie shows him, not the books right?????????????

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Exactly Shannon. The screenwriter or script writer really isn't bringing any of the love or compassion or any deep deep emotions across. just about the fact that a girl is in love iwth a vampire blah blah. okay... that is not what we wanted to see. we wanted to see the depth tha books has! Edward is so much more than just what he is in the movies. So much more!
I like the edward in the books too. I like how they potrayed him in the books better than the movies. In the movie, they tried to do too much with his role, which sent it over the top.
ok u right about Edward in books....but its the same in books its alote about Edward so thats why u fell that..


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